Orient Manufacture & Trading Joint Stock Company, also known as VIETNAM SAVON Factory (Truong van Ben & his children factory) was established since the 30s in the twentieth century, specialized in producing bar soap from coconut and pressed oil. Today, in addition to its original primary product, the COBA bar soap, ORDESCO also produces many others such as: Perfumes, Shampoo, Body Cream, Timmi Bar Soap, Detergents, Detergent liquids. One of its products, which is ORIENTAL bar soap, is an exporting good to Middle-East countries…
ORDESCO has always been trying for more products, improving the quality and the packaging and applying new industrial techniques in order to meet the increasing and diversified needs of its customers. ORDESCO’s productivity ability at the present time is 7,500MT per year including:
+ Bar Soap: 5,000MT per year
+ Other detergent liquids : 2,500MT per year
In terms of trading:
Located in an area that is very convenient for trading, wholesale activities and services. ORDESCO is currently a large-scale official distributor for P&G, COCA-COLA, 3M,…in the Vietnam markets.
In addition, ORDESCO is currently planning for a large-scale commercial/ shopping center, a five- story- and- a- basement building, located right on a 20,000 square meters area. Trading includes Chemicals, Comestics, Electrical Accessories, Building Materials, Gem and Jewellery, Sporting Goods, Physiotherapy, Restaurants and Beverage services. This shopping center will officially open in 2007.
ORDESCO is currently calling for more investments and co-operations from foreign and domestic investors and/or partners in the field of import- export distributing and leasing...

Orient Manufacture & Trading Joint Stock Company
Timmi bar Soap 100 grs-
“ fragrance charming forever”

Co-Ba bar soap
Body Cream - “Youthful, fresh”
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